What is it

Al Millón is YouTube Music’s go-to playlist for Latin hits in the United States.

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What I did

Art direction and visual design

How I did it

There is no single visual cue that identifies the broad range of artists and genres within the term “Latin music”. The visuals focus on their bold, proud and unafraid attitude of mixing styles, rhythms, local references and pop culture. It is part of Latin countries’ nature and history to be mixed. It is our lack of homogeneity that makes us so interesting. Gradients celebrate our mixed and diverse nature. Fun fact: gradients are also mathematical slopes, translating the rising sentiment of feeling al millón (a million).

Project Manager: Kevin Strharsky

UX Managers: Benjamin Lehn, Daniel Walsh

Music Programming: Jacqueline Serrano, Helen Marquis, Doug Ford

Product photography: Mari Juliano