What is it

YouTube Music celebrated Asian and AAPI artists and industry leaders during the month of May, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM).
It was a comprehensive campaign to amplify and celebrate artists within the AAPI community as well as the wider Asian diaspora after what has been a particularly difficult year for our community.

We wanted to take this moment to shine a light on the music, culture, art, and joy that come from the community while also raising awareness around some of the very serious issues impacting it today.

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What I did

Art direction and design

How I did it

The visuals were inspired by the nostalgic feeling that comes from immigration.

The title font Nikkei Maru, by Inari Type, is heavily inspired by painted type on the front of ships, a historical symbol of the Asian immigration process to America. It was distorted and received a vernacular treatment to it. The graphic elements use loud, bold colors to balance the vintage feel while mixing elements across different Asian cultures.

Music Programming: Cecilia Winter, Jan Tancinco

Marketing: Grace Yim, Christina Lin, Jake O'Leary

Animation: Josh Flynn
Project Manager: Pamala Billman