What is it

Gut is an agency based in Miami and Buenos Aires. They wanted a branding that represented their core value: having the guts to do something that hasn't been done before. 

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What I did

Lead design

How I did it

The creative direction pointed out how advertising agencies’ logos are similar, often using clean, modernist sans or serif fonts. We wanted to create something very different, resulting in an abstract spiral logo animation inspired by gut intestines.

The visual language created for the logo was carried out through abstract iconography and animations that could be used flexibly across Gut's branded materials, all inspired by the “gut feeling". When you look at these images, your mind and eye must instinctively trust that the movement will continue, despite its elusive & complicated feel. You have to trust your gut.

@ Sagmeister & Walsh
Art and Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh

Design: Gabriela Namie

Animation: Andrei Robu, Yaya Xu

Photography: Sarah Hopp

Production: Arielle Casale