What is it

YouTube Music's celebration of Women’s History Month featured 35 playlists showcasing women in music, which span the gamut of catalog and current genres, and highlight women's contributions to songwriting & production in addition to performance.
This campaign was anchored by our Women's History Month flagship playlist, featuring some of the most iconic & important moments in music history.

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What I did

Art direction and design

How I did it

Heavily type-based, I chose the font Roslindale for all titles. It is a Victorian serif font that perfectly communicates a feminine, sharp tone. It was paired with desaturated and bright color combinations that can translate across any genre, culture or artists.

The main cover plays with how the characters of this typeface melt into each other creating a metaphor for unity. The color refers to the “Pussyhats” worn in the Women's March in Washington DC in 2017.

Music Programming: Cecilia Winter

UX Manager: Daniel Walsh