What is it

YouTube Music Recap is a collection of major moments delivering personalized music stats, like favorite artists, songs, videos, and playlists.
On top of its Google Photos integration, matching your photos to your top tracks, we also made a personalized album cover based on your year’s listening habits, top moods, music energy levels, and top song. We also included a mood diary of your year, and color extracted cards, personalizing each user’s experience.

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What I did

Art Direction, Visual Design

How I did it

I worked closely with Mike Brand, UX designer, Colleen Clark, content designer, and Maureen Suhendra, UX researcher, to art direct the 2023 Recap experience. We tested different features with users, noticing how visuals influenced their perception of them. That helped me understand what type of art direction would ressonate with our target audience, while also providing as much differentiation and personalization as possible.
I used tools for color extraction and created specific shapes and color palettes for each identified mood on the app.

Art Direction: Gabriela Namie

Design: Gabriela Namie and Minkwan Kim

Illustration: Minkwan Kim, Matthew Hollister
Animation: Fionn Brenn, Minkwan Kim
UX Design: Mike Brand

Content Design: Colleen Clark

PM: Ayshaw Khan

Tech PgM: Drew Camens

Marketing: Tatyana Diaz, Shannon Melton

Engineers: Smita Rai, Claire Wang, Kevin Chang, Kevin Zhou, Agustin Mora, Kumar Chippala, Jordan Minatogawa